Britain Slaves

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There are so many things that I love about my job, not only because I end up meeting amazing people but also because I learn so much from every single story I work on. Also I keep being surprised.

“Britain Slaves” is one of the reports that made me aware of a reality so close and yet hidden.

Every year around four thousand people are trafficked into the UK.

They come looking for a better life but end up working as slaves in prostitution, domestic servitude and even in fields that supply major supermarkets in Britain.

“Britain Slaves” traces some stories that might be happening at this moment right next to your door.

Producer: Filipa Simas


Laugh your way to eternity

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It has been years that I haven’t heard it. I even forgot how it sounded like. So many things happened that I think I didn’t even notice that it wasn’t there anymore, until now!

Today I can hear my laugh so pure, innocent and sincere that fulfills every single space and people. Even me… if that’s possible!

I can’t say that my path until now was full off bitter tastes because truthfully I’ve been so fortuned.

I loved and (even better;)) I’ve been loved. I have friends who I know now that they will be with me wherever I am. And above all I have the greatest family ever who besides all my stubbornness and craziness they always support me and help me.

Of course I did all those stupid things that one can make throughout adolescence and even now. And yes I toke a lot of risks. But if it wasn’t for that I would never believe I had such a thing has a guardian angel. – Believe me that I do have a really big one!!!

I trusted my six senses and never followed the so told “rules of relationships”. I always acted by my feelings. Sometimes it ended up being worse but between the tears, hip hops, headaches, and kilos of tissues I felt some relief for being honest with myself.

I also have some regrets and I wished so many times to have met Doc Brown and go back to the past with the knowledge of today… But has I always say: these “ups and downs” are the salt of life that otherwise it would be so lame and tasteless. What’s the fun of that?

So I learned how to get the best out of this. And today I keep on regretting even before I do it… and just because I rather have that one second of happiness than a life without knowing how it would have been.

Above everything I do love this “world senses” that makes me smile in so many different ways. Now I feel a soft, tender smile (even with my eyes)… I’m landing in Lisbon!

What Finland needs to know about Portugal

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One of the best Press Conferences

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There are days….

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That you just have to write about!

Its 3 am, I just got home but my day was just something that I have to take it out of me so I can rest. Since I woke up until I put my key to the door everything happened!

At 6:30am the alarm feels like something part of the dream that I’m still having though the intensity and continuous sound makes me realize that I have to wake up and literally smell the coffee… And here is where it all starts, pressing the button on a simple and (at least until now) effective coffee machine that managed to spill the precious awaking substance to everywhere but the cup.

I thought that it was just a sign to go and grab my Portuguese expresso and a “pastel de nata” in the delicatessen downstairs! Ah, of course I did also get the extra “tuga” side order from engineer workers – “Eu é que te dava um expresso duplo, triplo e por toda a vida princesa!” – They think I’m English but I believe this is just to make me feel more at home!! :/

After a walk to the tube I breathe in all the air I can before getting myself in the peak hour. Though I always manage to squeeze myself inside much better than any tuna in a can, the worst part is…. when I’m wondering what some people had for breakfast because at that time the tube frequently smells like either onion or (even worse) that someone died there – or at least is about to. If not the one that created that smell for sure it will be me! Fortunately I’m able to change place. One more stop and I’m out for good!

I get to the university late and can’t find my ID card. A very helpful security man tells me that I have to cross half campus in order to let me in and he explains that I’m only allowed to do this without a card three times in the whole year, after that I have to pay £10! “Ok. On my third time I’ll think about that”, I say!

When I finally get to the class I find out that the assignment that toke me all night to prepare had a new deadline: “next Wednesday, so you have a lot of time to work on it”, says the course leader. Yeahhhhhh…. (though in my mind there are only 3 letters: WTF!)

I had some interviews to schedule so I managed to get out early and get on the phone while heading to some other works. But after being with me for almost five years this was the day that my mobile chose to make a strike and disconnect every single call in a strategically point of the conversation. And in fact I did lose at least one interview thanks to that!

Two hours in public transports – most of the times because the “tube drivers” where still trying to define themselves if they where South, West or whatever – I decide to take a break and some sun that was miraculously peaking from the sky but….. 

I just have an attraction for different things, even more when I just want to be left alone and be invisible.

Seated on the Starbucks Terrace with a hot Peppermint Mocha on the table, all the people going up and down the street seems much more interesting than the headlines of my newspaper and even more when all of them stare just in front of me. The thing is that I’m just seated next to a very original woman that makes most of the people stop to look and even take pictures. “No, stop it. You can’t do that without asking my permission”, she complains in a very british accent, covering her face while holding a cigarette on her scarlet red lips. Her strong voice tells me that she has probably been smoking for a long time so the ageing skin can confuse but I guess she is in her old seventies. 

A big white fabric flower is holding the left side of her long platinum blond hair. “You’re amazing”, says a Muslim women pushing a stroller. “Yeah, yeah, yeah”, she replies and fixes her furry white jacket. I try to look for some sign of color on her dressing but I quickly quit. There is almost nothing to contrast her Caucasian British skin besides the shiny silver buttons alongside her white leggings and a tiny thin black line on the bottom of her white wellies.

The thirty minutes I stayed there more than one person for ever five minutes would stop to say something or make a comment.

I finally get home and managed to change the phone and have a quick shower – I was invited to a hotel/restaurant opening in Convent Garden where I (have to admit) ate the best “leitão” ever (even better than in Mealhada!). I heard after that it stayed for eight hours cooking in a low temperature… :/

When I leave the place is that fase of the night that I miss Portuguese taxis, so….. I take the night bus! Thanks to my seat mate I can’t fall asleep: it’s a black guy reading a book and from each 55 seconds (yes, I did count them after a couple of jumps) says a phrase from it or just laughs out loud. The only thing that makes him stop is when a blonde, blue eye and very much British young man gets in the bus and other Jamaican man voice comes over his saying:

– You’re Bob Marley’s brother?

– No!

– Cousin?

– No!

– Oh, come on… you’re exactly like him. Youurrreeee trying to fool me but I’m from Jamaica and I know Bob Marley better than me in the mirror!

The British guy steats and they start talking about the weather!

I’m just so glad that this is my stop. One more stop and I would start to have the same drug delusions and I would truly believe that I was in an institution like Julio de Matos juts missing my straitjacket.

Proud to be portuguese

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More than 400,000 people went out to the streets in several cities of Portugal to show their discontent about the way the country is going.

They gathered thousands of proposals and possible solutions to change the numbers of unemployment and precarious work.

This was a civic demonstration full of hope and… joy! I know it sounds strange to put this word here but this is what makes me proud: how peaceful and friendly Portuguese people are fighting for their rights thru music and words of change.

How we can show the world that is possible to make a difference holding hands….

Lucky Charm

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It may sound strange for some people but this is the time I miss the most my closest friends though I feel so fortunate.

On the 10th of February and the next four weeks before Carnival every Thursday friendship is celebrated in the islands of Portugal.

Friendship Thursdays is an Azorean tradition that I truly don’t know when it begun but for sure it was a long time ago when people would get together in the evenings to pick the wheat and other cereals for the religious celebrations of the Holy Spirit.

Unfortunately today this tradition turned out to be very distorted and fuzzy. During these nights alcohol, strange behaviours and even striptease shows took over the recited poems and songs praising friendship that once marked the celebrations.

Nevertheless wherever I am I take this tradition with me and I know that my best friends are here.

I could go on and on trying to define friendship but I hate clichés. So, my feelings frequently end up being a mixture between nostalgia and joy.

Though I’m so happy and pride to be able to say that I have the greatest friends and I can never imagine a day without every single one of them. And that goes for those I know for years and the ones that ended up being my family abroad because friendship is not set in time and truth is they are my lucky charm!

The great Fernando Pessoa says it all:

“O valor das coisas não está no tempo em que elas duram, mas na intensidade com que acontecem. Por isso existem momentos inesquecíveis, coisas inexplicáveis e pessoas incomparáveis.”

The value of things is not the time that they last, but the intensity with which they occur. Thus there are unforgettable moments, inexplicable things and incomparable people.” Fernando Pessoa

Happy friendship weeks! 😉